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We've featured AJ Llewellyn on the blog before. You, however, are new to the
blog! So first I have to ask, how did you and AJ come to the decision to
write together?

It was a long time ago. A.J. published a book in the publishing house. where I was. I had written once with a few people. It was a disaster. I told myself I’d never do it again. But on a whim, I asked A.J. to write a book with me. It was an idea I had about two writers who meet on line. I asked and A.J. said yes. Black Point was born.

Who came up with the idea for the Laid series, and who handles which part?
Laid is A.J.s baby. She asked me to write Laid 4 and I was hesitant. It’s tough to write a character that is not your creation. I had to study the guy and get his voice right. I choice Jack and it went really well. So Jack is now my baby.

Would you say you are a planner as a writer or that you let the flow guide
you into the plot?
I’m both. I do have an outline in my head but I don’t block the creative flow. If it takes me elsewhere, that’s okay.

Take us back to your first book. What was it and can you tell us what
getting that contract was like for you?

My first book was Eternal Souls. It was male/male erotica and I was writing that when many people thought that e publishing wasn’t real publishing and when many writers wouldn’t touch m/m. When it was accepted, I was really excited. I still love that series.

I wish there was more about you on the internet. What would you like your
readers to know about you?

I guess I’m a bit of mystery. My life is really really busy and I suppose that’s why there isn’t a lot about me. I run a business and sometimes I work 9-9. I don’t work at the office anymore on Fridays so Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my writing days.  One day I will go to a writer’s conference. I would love that but I don’t have the time and they are often in the U. S. I’m in Canada so everything seems far. What should people know about me? Um. I don’t spend a lot of time on line. I don’t have time. I am a person who believes in justice. I am a sociologists by training and a teacher. I speak two languages. I have a couple of university degrees and also a diploma in counselling. I am both left brained and right brained, about equal which I’M told is rare. I own a little house and am waiting for my new kitty, a British short hair. I walk to work. My office is five minutes away. I have two, sometimes three employees. I like to relax, I like to watch movies, and I love to take long walks. I have been with the same life partner for a long time. 

Do you have a favorite fan-meets-DJ moment?
I met a woman in Montreal once who had read my books. It was strange because we were talking about books. She told me her favorite writer was D.J. Manly and I almost fell off my chair. She went on and on about Arsenic and Rio…a book I’d written. I didn’t tell the woman I was D.J. Manly. She never knew. It’s one of my favorite stories.

What's next in store for the Laid series?
We’re doing a Xmas version…about a …naughty Santa. 

Do you have other books coming out at SRP that is all you? Can you tell us
about them?

Not at the moment but I most likely will.

What prompted you to write taboo romance?

I have never viewed it as Taboo… I guess that is the answer. Also, I have never been a fan of male/female romance. Although I like romance. I know some books about two guys falling in love just mimic the male/female traditional dynamic. I don’t like those books either. I like starting at an equal starting place. It’s more interesting to write. Guess you figured I’m a feminist.

Is there a taboo that intrigues you such that you're tempted to write a
story about it but haven't yet?

Not that I can think of.

And just for fun: If you could pick three things that identify/symbolize who
you are as a person, what would they be?

Those three qualities are very important to me.

DJ, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us!
You're a great talent and we're so excited to have you here at Stiff Rain

I’m excited to be here. And thanks so much. D.J.

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That's right! It's time for another sexy collection from Stiff Rain Press! 

Caught Between a Cock and a Hard Dom by J.P. Barnaby

Brandon Lennox doesn't like people. When his lover and Dom signs him up for an author conference in Austin, Texas, his social anxiety goes into overdrive.

Well, until the hot boy in the tight little Robin costume shows them both just how much of a boy wonder he is.

Family Lines by Sara York

Brett Nash is a successful author, but his past still haunts him. Being kicked out of his home at the age of sixteen has left him distrustful of others. When Daniel, his stepbrother, shows up at HomoEroticCon, Brett has to decide to stay or leave. Worse, his publisher traps them in a room together; forcing Brett to talk to the one man he's never stopped loving.

Fanboy by Brandon Witt

HomoErotiCon was only a conference. Just four days. Nothing more than a long weekend. Hooked from the first moment he picked up his first gay romance novel, Sampson Pruitt fantasized about living a life like the ones he read about on the page. The novels made him hope he might be able to truly break free, and discover the courage to leave the secrecy of his life. Maybe even meet the author of his dreams. Just four days. For this Fan Boy, four days might be enough to change everything.

Fan Service by William Cooper

Author Josh Austin loves going to conventions all the time, especially HomeErotiCon. But those weekends take their toll on the introverted author. Normally used to curling up alone to toil away at his books, it’s always a complete change of pace having to be “on” for all the readers and fellow authors.

But when an overeager fan crawls under his table at the signing, he can’t say no. When Carlisle begins to unzip his pants, Josh lets loose for once in his life, living like the characters straight out of one of his books.

Where else would this horny twink lead him?

Muse by Ethan Stone

Micah Shea is nursing a broken heart when he arrives at HomoErotiCon. He just wants to chill out, have fun and get laid a time or two. The weekend starts out well with a fun encounter with a bellhop and an invite to an orgy. However, at the party Micah’s world is turned upside down when he sees a man who is the exact embodiment of a dream he had years ago—the guy who became his muse and the star of his books.

At first Micah is drawn to Trevor because of the resemblance, but the more Micah gets to know Trevor the more he genuinely likes him. The sex is awesome but they have more than just a physical connection.

It all goes to hell when Trevor learns the truth and Micah has to convince him he isn’t a stalker—before the end of the conference.  



PRICE: $4.99
RELEASE DATE: 09/24/14
ISBN: 978-1-62344-051-0
CATEGORY: Erotica, Gay, Taboo, Fetish, Anthology
ELEMENTS:  Contemporary Fetish Gay Erotic Anthology featuring Various Storylines including stories about Menage/Multiple Partners engaging in Group Sex as well as Taboo Themes.
LENGTH: 58,000

Available now! SLUT by Tia Fanning and Haley Devlin

Sometimes “happily ever after” is a crock. Especially when you fall in love with three men at the same time. For me, what started as a cool sexual romp the likes of which I’d only read about, quickly turned into a life filled with complications I’d never dreamed of. Because in the real world, or at least in my real world, there’s no town full of happy, highly successful individuals living together in ménage-y bliss, where everyone is all loving and accepting of your lifestyle choices. My world is a tiny little town full of judgmental jerk-offs who want nothing more than to torment me.

In my world, I’m nothing more than a slut, surrounded by people who want me to believe that sluts don’t get happy endings. But you know what? I’m going to show them all that in my fairy tale, the slut always comes out on top. 


PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE DATE: 09/24/14
ISBN: 978-1-62344-052-7
CATEGORY: Erotica, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Ménage, Domestic Discipline, BDSM
ELEMENTS:  Warning: This mainstream erotic title features adult language, adult situations, explicit descriptions of sexual intimacy, strong sexual content, oral sex, anal sex, and sex with multiple partners. This book also contains fetish themes including domestic discipline, BDSM, adult spanking, corner time, corporal punishments, and vaginal fisting.
LENGTH: 16,000

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HUNG: Laid Series Book Four is Available now!!

From talented authors @AJLlewellyn and DJ Manly...

Being in love means having a partner willing to help you explore your sexual fantasies. But how far is too far? 

Super-cop Jack Cannon, head of the West Los Angeles Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit has some big problems. His cat is missing. He's about to take part in the Pride parade, and his lover, Lucky, wants Jack to wear a purple tutu. No way in hell is Jack about to prance down Santa Monica Boulevard in a damned tutu! Who does Lucky think he is? Honey Boo Boo?

To cap off a day of disasters, Jack takes a call from a colleague in distress and finds it's a trap. He's been set up and is quickly abducted, held captive and subjected to hours of sexual sadism. What did Jack do to deserve this? And what's all this got to do with a pesky bottle of Wite-Out?


PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE DATE: 09/17/14
ISBN: 978-1-62344-042-8
CATEGORY: Erotica, Gay, Law Enforcement, Laid Series
ELEMENTS:  Adult Content, Adult Language, Explicit Description of Sexual Intimacy, Dubious Consent, Violence, Oral Sex.
LENGTH: 21,000

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Meet James Goodman, author of newly released THE LITTLE RED JOGGER

1.  James, you’ve been in the publishing world a long time now. I first met you when you wrote for Resplendence Publishing, a sister company to Stiff Rain Press. You were amazing then, and you’re amazing now! Back then, you were writing hot horror, mixing sexiness with dark intention. What brought you to SRP’s darker, more taboo side of writing?

Thank you for the kind words.  I would have to say the freedom of not having to adhere to the unofficial rules of writing romance was the primary motivator.  Good guys are always good, bad guys are always vile and there is always a happy ending.  Life is never that black and white and I like to blur the lines from time to time.

2.  What do you find most intriguing about mixing the edgier side of your writing with taboo topics?

The ability to push limits and get outside my comfort level can be very empowering and I think it has helped me grow as a writer.

3.  Is there a taboo you would like to explore in writing and haven’t yet?

I have been toying around with the idea of introducing some BSDM into one of my storylines, but I haven’t committed to it yet.

I think that mix would be a natural development of your voice!
4. I noticed from your website that you don’t have any upcoming appearances scheduled. Have you gone into seclusion?

Not at all.  I’ve been extremely busy of late and just haven’t had a good enough grip on my schedule to be able to plan a book signing or attend a conference.  I do hope to remedy that soon.

5.  How do your friends and family react to your writing?

Most of them are very supportive, though a few seem to be taken aback by the new, more erotic direction.

I can only imagine. :)
6.  I see too, that you have started up a charitable organization for cancer. It’s a disease that touches a lot of lives. What inspired you to create the Highway Rollers? What does the organization do?

Well, as you said it touches a lot of lives.  Every brush with cancer is a hot roll of the dice. Sometimes we are lucky and are able to beat it. Other times, well… not so much.  All of our founding members have lost loved ones to this dreaded disease.  We founded the Highway Rollers to raise money in hopes of making a difference.  Each year we pick a different aspect of the fight to champion. Sometimes it is direct research, sometimes it is on a more personal level. For instance, this year we are working with Hannah’s Helping Hands, an organization who donates money to families of children with cancer to help offset some of the expenses incurred from missing work to take a child to their treatments.  I hope someday to have to give up our charity because there will no longer be a need for it.

I have to say that cancer has touched my life too. It's an amazing thing you're doing. Families going through cancer and recovery sometimes don't even know what they need that would help. Financially speaking, the cost of treating cancer is devastating.
7.  You’re a man of many interests and talents. You have a great marriage to a wonderful woman, and you have a son. You are active in your community and with myriad outdoor activities. When do you find time to write?

I’m not going to lie, it is a struggle at times, but writing is in my blood.  If I don’t make time to exercise my demons on the page, the voices in my head become a little deafening. I have no set time of day to write (my schedule just won’t allow for that), but so far, I manage to find at least an hour a day to dedicate to my passion.

8.  What’s next on your publishing schedule?

Well, I’m working on a couple of different projects.  My latest release (The Little Red Jogger) has inspired me to try my hand at modernizing (and eroticizing) other classic fairy tales.  It is a little too early in the process to declare which ones, but I think you will find them familiar when they are released.

I can't wait! It sounds like a great idea.
9.  What would you like your fans to know about you that can’t be found on your website,

I am a lover of life. You never know which day will be your last. Live each one to the fullest.

10.  Now for some fun...

Coffee or Tea?  Coffee

Coke or Pepsi?   Coke

Mountain retreat or beachside resort?  Beachside resort.

Boxers or briefs?  Boxer briefs.

The sexiest thing about you (or your wife, if you prefer)? It doesn’t matter if we are by ourselves or in a crowded room, she has this way of looking at me that leaves no doubt how much she loves me.

Three items you can’t live without?  Books, Music and the love of a good woman.

If you were trying to shock a cashier, which three items would you purchase?  A big knife, duct tape and a shovel.

James, thank you so much for sharing this side of yourself with us today!

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Get to know Padraig E. Griffiths, our Featured Author of the Month!

1.  Padraig you’ve come onto the scene at SRP in a big way! In a short time you’ve released several new titles, each one a hot reflection of your style. How long have you been writing erotic romance? Well, I've been writing erotica for about two years now, and I have six novella titles with SRP, four of which have already been released, with two more to follow in the next few months. It's something I enjoy, and I'm planning to write a few more if and when I get the time.

2.  What’s next on your release schedule? Next on my schedule is Eye Candy. This one is a bit different for me, and perhaps a bit more laid back. I've always tried to go for big themes, and I've tried to basically examine them from the female perspective. When I wrote Porn Star, for example, I wrote about a girl entering the webcam business for the first time, and I detailed what was required and the sort of people she met, etc. I tried to make it as true to life as I could, in an attempt to keep it not only spicy, but informative and interesting. Then, when I wrote Vixen, I tried to show a private dancer's life in as best a way as I could - again, from her perspective. With Temptress, I went for the life of a girl who set up honey-traps to catch wayward lovers. And for Stocking Filler, I went for the life of a girl who worked a sex chatline. Oh, and there's Soul Crush, which is basically a mystery thriller. Yes, I definitely like to keep it varied.

3.  Now, in researching information on it, it looks like you have a life under another pen name. What do you write under the name Chris Sheerin? Yes, I also write under my own name. And I write everything, to be honest. I write political thrillers, some of which have done very well. I also write screenplays, positivity books, and I have five books of modern poetry out there, too (not the vague stuff; more the meaningful, wry, funny stuff). So, basically I write anything. I like to explore new genres, and I think it's a very healthy way to be if you're a writer. And, of course, it allows me more time to see what I'm good at, and what I might one day concentrate upon.

4.  Men in this genre aren’t common, and I’m always glad to see a male
talent in the romance “waters”. What did your friends and neighbors think when you came out as an erotic romance author? I don't think there are many men writing in this genre, but I think women like reading about sex from a man's perspective: After all, they know what a woman wants, so it probably interests them to hear what a man thinks they want. Apparently, I can get into the female psyche quite well when I write - or so I've been told. But it definitely makes me consider it in more depth.

5.  What inspired you to publish taboo erotic romance? A female friend of mine - herself an erotica writer - asked me to give it a go about three years ago. So, I decided to write it, basically, to see if I could. I can't do straight romance - I have to do it in the midst of an interesting story, and I find it's often better to allude to certain romantic details, or keep it as vague as possible, to keep the story fresh. All that heart-on-the-sleeve stuff does nothing for me, and it tells the reader nothing in itself. So, context in everything works better for me, and, I believe, for the reader in general.

6.  So this is a little off topic, but I noticed that you have an interesting past time with extreme lifting. Tell us something about what draws you to lift? How do these two halves of your personality come together? So, you noticed my strongman pictures, ah! Well, I've always been into sports - karate, kickboxing, judo, running, weights, etc. But, as time went on, I decided to go for strongman training, mixed with cardio, all of which I find keeps me sharp, strong and healthy. I still enter regional contests - and have one next week, actually - just to keep my interests varied. I think it's good to have different interests, and I find this complements my reading and writing, the latter of which requires a lot of sitting.

7.  Is there anything else about yourself you’d like to share with your fans? Well, I'm a pretty quiet sort of person, and I like my own company - which is necessary when you write. And I have pretty simple tastes in almost everything. I guess that makes me kind of normal, really.

8.  Now for a little fun...

Tea or Coffee? Coffee, always. Though I like green tea, ginger tea, and my current favorite, Peppermint and liquorice.
Mountain retreat or beachside resort? A mountain retreat about 99 percent of the time. A beach for walking upon, because laying around for hours at a time does nothing for me.
Boxers or briefs? boxers
Three items you can’t live without? Three things I can't do without: Exercise, books and, hmm, I would have to think about that one ;-)
 If you were trying to shock a cashier, which three items would you purchase? If I was trying to shock a cashier, I would buy her earrings to match her necklace, lingerie to match her face, or - for me - a year-long supply of extra-large condoms. The latter might not shock her, but she might at least smile at my optimism.
A taboo you might actually want to try some day (or write about, if that’s too personal)? A taboo I want to try: I'll skip that one. But, as for taboos I want to write about, I might try to weave a story around wife-swap parties and dogging (I'm not sure if you call it that in the US, but it's where people go to watch other people have sex) I think I could weave a story around that.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Padraig! Congratulations on your recent releases and your upcoming projects. I can’t wait to see more from you.

If you want to find the books mentioned above, come see us at, or follow this link: