Wednesday, February 13, 2013


What do you know about Carol Lynne? She's talented, smart, sexy as hell? Yep, yep, yep. You probably also know that she's written an obscene number of books that can make even the most prolific author blush with inadequacy. Seriously.

Since she's our featured author, I decided to do a little research.

In Carol's words:

I’m completely boring. I spend my days juggling two young children and my writing career. You’re just as likely to either catch me writing a steamy love scene or scrubbing jelly out of the carpet.
Besides writing, my biggest passion is reading. I have a lot of authors I follow (no not in the stalking sense), but Sean Michaels, B.A. Tortuga, J.M. Snyder and Chris Owen have to be my all-time favorites.

Here are some unusual facts about me:
I drink gallons of coffee every day, but I much prefer instant. I catch all kinds of flack for this from my family and friends. Even though I only drink instant, I am very picky about which brand I buy. It must be Taster’s Choice or nothing.

I love country music, but can’t stand to have music playing in my house. Therefore, I don’t even own a stereo or radio of any kind. I listen to my tunes as I’m driving around town and that’s enough for me.

I like to refer to myself as underheight instead of overweight. I’m just sure that if I could add another six or seven inches to my short 5’2 frame, I’d be much thinner. Therefore, it’s not that I overeat, it’s just that I stopped growing.

I enjoy the Hallmark commercials more than I enjoy the Hallmark movies.

Well, sorry folks, that’s about all I’ve got for you. Maybe someday soon I’ll have something really exciting to put on this page, but for now, this is me in a nutshell.

So you may be thinking I exaggerated when I say she's written a few things. But you'd be wrong. Just check out this list, baby.

Brier's Bargain
I love Rock n Roll
Seb's Surrender
Seducing the Sheik
Taming Black Dog Four
To Bed A King
Brookside Athletic Club Series
I'll Stand By You
A Biker's Vow
A Lesson Learned
Broken Pottery
Forbidden Freshman
Hershie's Kiss
In Bear's Bed
Incoming Freshman
Live For Today
Locky in Love
Off Season
Office Advances
Sacking the Quarterback
The Injustice of Being
Theron's Return
All Play and No Work
Alone in a Crowd
Arm Candy
Bad Boy Cowboy
Bent—Not Broken
Cattle Valley Days
Cattle Valley Mistletoe
Eye of the Beholder
Firehouse Heat
Ghost from the Past
Gone Surfin'
Hawk's Landing
Making the Grade
Neil's Guardian Angel
Out of the Shadow
Physical Therapy
Recipe for Love
Rough Ride
Second Chances
Shadow Soldier
Shooting Star
Sweet Topping
The Last Bouquet
The O'Brien Way
The Sound of White
To Service and Protect
Anarchy in Blood
Dracul’s Blood
Garron's Gift
Rawley’s Redemption
Sonny’s Salvation
Twin Temptations
Ben's Wildflower
Branded by Gold
Completing The Circle
Going Against Orders
Open to Possibilities
Tortured Souls
Blood Trinity
Crimson Moon
Liquid Crimson
Poker Night: Different Suits
Poker Night: Full House
Poker Night: Pocket Pair
Poker Night: Slow Play
Poker Night: Texas Hold 'Em
Hunting Evil
Bareback Cowboy
Reining in the Past
Through the Montana Mist
A New Normal
Between Two Lovers
Broken Color
Corporate Passion
Dalton's Awakening
Feels So Right
Finnegan's Promise
Ghosts of Alcatrez
Gio's Dream
Happy Trails
Harvest Heat
Healing Doctor Ryan
Highland Gaymes
In for a Penny
Joey's First Time
Karaoke at The Tumbleweed
Moor Love
Necklace of Shame
Never Too Old
No Longer His
Riding The Wolf
Saving Noah
Sex with Lex
Stepping Stones
Stolen Memories
Sunset Ridge
Sunshine, Sex and Sunflowers
The Haunting of St. Xavier
The Westerfields of Chatham County
Hell Hath No Fury
Hell on Wheels
Ice Water in Hell
Storming Hell's Gate

Now, I know what you're thinking. Something along the lines of Holy Cow and DUUUDE! But here's the thing: I'm pretty sure that at the speed she writes, this list of titles isn't even up to date! And this didn't include her audio titles or print book titles. So let's just say...this lady knows what she's doing.

Don't miss a chance to pick up some of her Stiff Rain Press titles, too!