Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe Continue!

Just how close can two happily married couples become? Joe and Elaine, along with their “friends with benefits,” Mika and John, return for the second helping of Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe. Away from the bedroom, the four souls share mutual pleasures while discovering new and exciting passions. Another fantasy is fulfilled when a night out results in a sexy surprise reunion with a very special friend. But things really heat up as the couples begin celebrating birthdays together. Age is just a number but hitting the half century mark has never been hotter than this.

Something Elaine and I talked about before becoming intimate with another couple was the possibility of liking it too much, of falling in love with someone else. As we got together with John and Mika more often, we realized that our feelings for our new friends were getting deeper. We agreed that we would only get together sexually as a group with both couples present. Doing things separately would just feel weird. Of course, Mika and Elaine liked to share the occasional shower or bath, but only if John and I were around. Elaine and I didn’t really ask if they still enjoyed the company of others. Their ad stopped running after we met so we assumed they were happy with our arrangement. The sex was great, but we found ourselves doing things away from the bedroom, too.

Elaine and Mika were becoming very close. They talked almost every day, and Elaine did get some private yoga lessons eventually. Mika customized a program for her using meditation and positions that helped with stress and everyday aches and pains. She also explained about the sexual benefits of yoga. Mika took her yoga very seriously and liked having Elaine as a student. The two women learned much from each other. Elaine loved sharing her many books and videos with Mika and seemed determined to develop a spiritual connection with her as well. They could talk about everything.

PRICE: $2.99RELEASE DATE: 05/28/14ISBN: 978-1-62344-029-9CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotica, Multiple Partners, Swingers, InterracialELEMENTS: Strong Sexual Content, Adult Toys, Oral sex, Group Sex/Orgy, Exhibitionism, VoyeurismLENGTH: 15991


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