Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WIVES OF NASHVILLE by @DestinyBlaine

AVAILABLE December 11th!!!

The Wives of Nashville by Destiny Blaine

Meet Alison Nichols, Renee Forsythe, Melissa McKnight, and Kristy Fowler. Wearing their trophy wife badge like a medal of honor, these ladies are married to the wealthiest men in Nashville. They have money to burn and two common threads that will keep them bound to one another. They’re the young wives of rich and powerful men and they share a very guarded secret- high priced gigolos.

 Dubbed the city’s Trophy Club, these women are having the time of their lives, but all good things must come to an end. When one husband’s suspicions ignite the other men’s curiosity, the scandal awaiting them threatens to destroy friendships, and maybe even lives.

A private investigator reveals illicit news destined to tear marriages apart. Can any of the couples rise above their infidelities? Will these prominent businessmen keep their wives’ unfaithfulness private or will they expose them?

 Four women face harrowing consequences as they come to terms with what they’ve done. And when the news of their behavior hits the tabloids, Nashville may never be the same! Mainstream - Contemporary - Menage/Multiple Partners

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