Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BLANK CANVAS by Melinda Barron

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Snow Storm, like her namesake, is a free spirit blowing blindly through life in search of her next great adventure, whatever it might be. However, physically-speaking, she’s about to be left out in the cold, unless she can earn enough cash to pay her rent. Snow's four-night contract as a waitress for a catering company won’t secure her a place to live, but it does provide her an opportunity to work a local exhibit opening, if only for a little pocket money.

While serving cocktails to the attending patrons, Snow is invited to view a private art exhibit: a collection of BDSM paintings created by a mysterious artist named Sir. Shocked and titillated, she is offered an employment opportunity that guarantees her an exorbitant amount of money...if she can abide by Sir’s rules.

As Sir’s new model and muse, Snow must always obey Sir without question and allow him, and anyone he deems worthy, access to her body. She is, in essence, a blank canvas for him to paint all of his desires. Snow soon discovers that whips, chains and being on her knees does not hinder her free spirit, but rather allows her to soar to new heights unimaginable where only intense pleasure resides. Snow only has a year to experience whatever Sir can devise for her, and she wants to savor every stroke.

Fetish - Contemporary - BDSM

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