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Zombies Ahead? Well, these zombies give head to survive. Club Zombie is a safe place for new zombies to transition and it provides a sexy environment for them to seek a mate while extracting from patrons the "male essence" that keeps the boys eternally hot.

New zombie Kai Bauer won't turn into a rotting, brain-devouring monster, but that's not much comfort when he discovers unmated zombies lose their ability to orgasm. He doesn’t know how he'll bring himself to ingest medicine, let alone take a male mate…until he moves in with Jasper, a hot ex-priest who makes Kai crave just that.


Uncle Franz was once again screaming angrily, “Kai! Kai! Get your ass up here!” There was nothing new about this because his uncle was always yelling or causing a commotion instead of doing the work that needed to be done around their small family winery. Kai looked at over fields feeling pride at what his hard work would hopefully produce. His uncle didn’t seem to care that it was almost the growing season and there was a lot to be done before the grapes could safely be brought to fruition.

“Yes, sir!” Kai shouted up to the house as he turned to hike up the hill. It was an old stone house built by his great grandfather. The Bauer’s had lived in Ostringen, Germany for generations. The rock structure was sturdy, but it was in grave need of repair. Uncle Franz had let things go for the last ten years, so small fixes turned into big overhauls.

There was a fancy car on their gravel driveway. Kai sighed. The debt collectors had probably sent reinforcements. No matter how much money he gave to their creditors, his Uncle seemed to drink it away, racking up more bills in the process. It was an uphill battle, but someone needed to take care of his younger cousin.

After his parents had died ten years ago, Kai had been sent to live with his abusive uncle. His parents had always avoided contact with the man, and now he knew why. However, his uncle and cousin were his only living relatives. The only bright spot was getting to know his little cousin better. Ulrich was a couple years younger than he was, but the kid quickly turned into his best friend. They were inseparable.

Kai washed his hands at the side of the house with the hose as he thought of what he could say in terms of damage control. Kai grimaced as he looked down and saw his clothing covered in dirt and grime from the fields. He brushed himself off as best as he could. His wet hands were turning the dirt into mud on his shirt. Maybe they would see how hard he worked and give them an extension so they could keep the tiny vineyard and house.

“You’re a mess, boy.” His uncle tried to cuff him in the back of his head as he entered the house, but the large dark skinned stranger stayed his uncle’s hand.

“Don’t lay another hand on this boy. He’s ours now.” The man’s deep voice claimed. His uncle’s eyes flashed with anger but even he wasn’t stupid enough to go against a man that big.

What? He was whose? “Excuse me. I am a mess. Should I change?” Kai looked at his furious uncle and knew there would be hell to pay later.

The fair skinned shorter man stepped forward with his hand out. The guy was so pretty he could have passed for a female in the right light. “That won’t be necessary. I’m Beau Renou.” He gave Kai a stunning smile as he shook his hand lightly.

The black man held out his hand but not before giving Uncle Franz another look of warning. “Lafayette. Nice to make your acquaintance, Kai Bauer.” The big guy squeezed Kai’s hand tight in a manly handshake that almost hurt.

“You’re not from around here.” Kai asked in English. Their German was good, but he could hear a decidedly strange accent to it.

“Definitely not.” Beau laughed and looked over at Lafayette who grinned at him before frowning at Kai’s uncle again. “We’re Americans.”

Kai thought he’d caught a break. Americans were usually pushovers for a down-on-the-luck story. “Look, the harvest isn’t for several months but with the upcoming weather predicted I know it will be a good year. Please just give us a chance.”

“A chance?” Lafayette asked in German. “A chance for what?” He looked around the dimly lit stone house.

Kai answered in English, “To pay.” He didn’t want his uncle to follow the conversation.

“No need to pay us. We are here to pay you.” Lafayette amended, “Or for you actually.”

“Huh?” Kai was lost. They were here to pay for him?

Beau’s smile lit up his face as he filled Kai in. “Your uncle agreed for you to come to America with us. We have some…work for you to do.”

The way the guy hesitated on the word ‘work’ made Kai become suspicious. “What? What work?”

Lafayette cleared his throat. “We can discuss that later…on the plane.”

Shaking his head, he stated a basic fact. “I can’t just leave.” Kai struggled to remember why. Other than his younger cousin there was nothing left here, but unpleasant memories, hard work and abuse. His uncle was awful. He had no friends. School was over, and it wasn’t like he could even afford to go to the local college. He genuinely hoped he could find a way to send Ulrich to Heidelberg University so he could have more opportunities in life.

“We paid off your uncle’s debts and gave him enough to live on.” Beau gave him more information that still didn’t tell him what they wanted with him.

“You’re going, boy.” His uncle sneered as he pointed a finger in his face. “You ungrateful cur. I got you a good job.”

Doing what? But why bother asking, he knew his Uncle had no clue. He looked at the two strangers. They seemed nice enough, but he couldn’t just pick up and go. “My younger cousin, Ulrich. I, um, can’t really leave him here.”

Lafayette glared at his uncle. “Ulrich will be fine. Your uncle promised he would not be harmed in any manner.” His German words were bitten off harshly ensuring everyone knew what he implied if things didn’t go as promised.

Ulrich’s blond head stuck out of the bedroom and said, “I will be fine. Go!” He hurried over to hug him and whisper, “It’s an opportunity for you to get out of here.”

“I don’t want to leave you.” Kai clutched tight to the only thing that made sense in his world after he lost his parents. How could he leave him behind?

“I don’t want you to go either, but you can come back for me.” He stepped back with tears streaming down his face as he bravely smiled. “Or maybe I can visit you.”

With an exchange of looks between the strangers, Lafayette started typing into his phone. Beau smiled at Ulrich and touched him on the shoulder. “Tomorrow you will be getting a computer system. Someone will be here to install it. This way the two of you can stay in touch.”

“I always wanted a computer.” His uncle said as if he would know what to do with one.

Lafayette stopped using his phone and stepped up into the man’s space. He towered over him as he spelled it out. “You will not touch it or Ulrich. You will spend the money we gave and will continue to give if our instructions are followed. If not…”

“Um, yes, sir.” Uncle cowered resentfully.

Kai had never heard his uncle so submissive. Even in town he usually played the big man although everyone knew he was just a piece of shit.

His cousin reassured him. “See you’ll still be able to keep tabs on me.” He leaned in close again and spoke in English. “Go. I can see you are supposed to go. It is how it should be. It will make things right…somehow.”

Neither of them understood Ulrich’s moments of clairvoyance, but they learned not to question its accuracy. Kai didn’t like it, but he nodded. “Okay. But we are talking every day.”

Lafayette looked up from typing into his phone. “A phone will be delivered to you as well.”

Beau batted his eyes at Lafayette before grinning, “And a few other surprises.” Turning his head, he glared at Kai’s uncle. Beau may have been smaller than Lafayette but appeared to have the ability to kick his Uncle Franz’s ass too. “We will be watching you.”

Lafayette clicked his phone off and slid it into his pocket. “Time to go.” The big man said as he was heading for the door.

“What? Already?” It was all happening so fast Kai didn’t have time to take a deep breath.

“I already gathered your stuff.” Ulrich went into their room and brought out an old duffel bag filled with his things.

“Thanks.” He grabbed his cousin tightly into a hug, not wanting to let the kid go.

When they broke apart, Beau spoke to both of them in English. “We will be coming back for Ulrich.” Not seeing any surprise in Ulrich’s eyes, he said, “But you already know that don’t you.”

Ulrich nodded once and gave Kai another brave smile. “Go now and call me.”

Without a word to his Uncle, he grabbed his bag and left the small vineyard on the hill. He left the tiny town behind the day before his nineteenth birthday. If it weren’t for leaving Ulrich behind, it would have been cause for complete celebration.

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RELEASE DATE: 12/12/12
ISBN: 978-1-62344-008-4
CATEGORY: Gay Erotica, Contemporary Erotica, Group/Orgy, BDSM Elements, Zombies, Club Zombie.
ELEMENTS: Anal Sex, Oral sex, Group Sex/Orgy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, and BDSM elements with “Zombies” that drink ejaculate to live.
LENGTH: 39,953
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