Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet Cherry O!

Erotica….It’s Always the Quiet One

Erotica is such fun! Characters exploring their sexuality in so many ways. They get to do things I’d never do. Or I've never have the chance to do!! I can push the characters to do something very bold and be a fly on the wall of a fantasy.

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Also erotica lets people break out of boxes that life may have put them in. That’s the fun of writing. Even if it’s not an ongoing issue, many people are put in boxes by their families. The smart one, the athletic one, the pretty one, etc. Maybe, like me, you’re the quiet one, introverted by nature. But that doesn't mean you’re prudish or antisocial!

In person, I’m an introvert and people expect me to be a good little girl who is easily offended. If they only knew the things I research! The positions I put my characters in and the wild fun they get to have…that hardly qualifies me as an innocent.

Likewise, when people only know me online from what I write, they imagine all sorts of things. Like I’m in a sex swing seven nights a week or attend weekly orgies. I wish! Hell, I’d love to have the options and invitations some of my characters do. J

So being a contradiction doesn't help things going from my reality to my writing world, but I can always write about the conflict. A lot of people feel like they don’t fit in with their families, or that they were put in a box as a child. Some people out there will always label you, but it’s up to us if we stay in the box or not. I’ll never be bold enough to do some of the stuff my characters do…but if you know the real me, you know I’m not prudish or antisocial!

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